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Good for Humans,
Good for the World

Inspired by the diverse California landscapes, each product is carefully crafted to counteract the effects of the elements. Suitable for all skin types, our products are formulated using trusted natural ingredients and advanced technology to provide quality, performance and experience.

Look North

EST. 1990

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For Whatever Moves You

California offers a diverse landscape for an active lifestyle. We feel our best when we’re moving and it’s those experiences that are the inspiration behind our formulas and functionality.

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We love the outdoors and are aware of the current state our environment is in. At California North, we are always striving towards a more sustainable business practice whether it’s through our formulations or how we package our products. We never test on animals and are always improving our strategies to do more for the environment and support change.

Planet Earth

California North cares about the planet. We believe in protecting the environment and it’s resources for generations to come. To explore more on the topic and find out what you can do, visit our resources page.

Give Back

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