Keep Our Waters Clean

Prioritization of water waste, water efficiency, and water cleanliness are all ways we can use water more wisely. The reality of climate change is that hotter, drier weather will become the new norm in many areas across the globe and as our climate changes, water is becoming a less reliable resource.

In the business of farming, an approximate 75% of Americas water is used for irrigation, 40% of US rivers & lakes have been deemed too polluted for fishing and hundreds of fresh water fish are at risk for extinction due to pollution. Threats within the water such as ‘ghost nets’ made up of lost or abandoned fishing equipment entangles and kills thousands of animals each year. The responsiblility lies within our actions as to how we can protect our water resource through the prioritization of water waste, focusing on reasonable & efficient water use based on local conditions and addressing efficient agricultural water use.
Keep Our Waters Clean.