The Honey Bee Population

One out of every three bites of food we take depends on Bees for pollination. Today, our bee populations are declining at extremely alarming rates, in large part due to the skyrocketing use of toxic “neonic” pesticides. The causes behind recent Bee declines are not a mystery, independent scientists now largely concur that Bee declines are caused by a combination of several factors including: increased overall pathogen loads, poor nutrition, habitat loss and pesticide


Pesticides are chemicals designed to kill and or reduce the number of insects that invade the plant but some systemic varieties, specifically neonicotinoids, are worse for Bees than others. Some simple actions an individual can take to help protect the Bees starts in simply what you choose to buy. Purchase plants or foods that aren’t pre-treated with pesticides, let your lawns grow a bit longer and leave the blooming clover for Bees to enjoy. We can ask our elected officials to pass county & town ordinances to reduce pesticide spraying and we can urge corporations to stop making and selling neonicotinoids.