5 Peculiar Plants of our Planet

1. Pitcher Plants
A relatively new discovery found in the Philippines that are believed to be the largest carnivorous plant in the world. This plant creates a nectar that fills it’s four-foot deep pitcher structure with that in return draws in smalls animals. As these creatures lean in and eventually fall into the plants ‘pitcher’, it’s in the plant where it begins to dissolve by the acid fluid.

2. Corpse Flower
Also referred to as Amorphophallus Titanium whose scientific name reflects the strange phallus-like structure center to the plant, is similar to the carrion plant. It blooms about every 5-10 years and releases a powerful odor of decomposition. This plant is also known for growing the tallest group of flowers that can reach as high as around ten feet.

3. Hydnora
Found growing in South Africa, this plant resembles something of an alien-like egg. This parasite feeds off the roots of other plant species and will form a pod-like flower above the ground. It’s opening emits a fecal ordor to entice beetles which it will trap and hold onto until the flower reaches adulthood, then releases them.

4. Cobroa Lilies
One of the most fascinating plants on this list. The tops of these carnivorous plants are shaped in a way that resembles the heads of cobras. It even grows a leaf which hangs out the bottom, similar to that of a Cobra’s tongue. Lured insects find themselves inside are forever trapped due to the plant’s hair-like structure that close the exits.

5. Ghost Plants
Sometimes referred to as Indian Pipe, these plants are completely void of chlorophyll. It receives its nutrients through a form of fungi parasitism which gives it the ability to grow in the darkest areas. The white transparent appearance of these plants presents it as a strange hybrid of flower and mushroom.