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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

(2 customer reviews)

2 reviews for Fragrance Sample KIT

  1. Martine

    Quite masculine

    I love the idea of the 4 fragrance sampler. I will only be able to use 1, the Oxygen for women. The other 3 will be for my husband. I like the scents but even the Oxygen fragrance is a little too masculine for me. I used Blue by Dolce Gabbana before, so am not into real bloomy, flowery, sweet scents but it smells more like a cologne for men to me.

  2. Mandy L.

    A Taste of Everything

    What a great way to try before you buy! This was a gift given to me as sort of a stocking stuffer, and allowed me and my husband to find fragrances we enjoy.

    I love Oxygen for Women! It’s very crisp and clean, but feminine at the same time. My husband loved the Richardson Bay Spray and now buys it regularly.

    And a bonus, these sprays actually last a while and are good for packing for weekend getaways or just keeping at work or in the car. I might buy a set for upcoming travels!

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